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Goodbye, Net Neutrality; Hello, Net Discrimination



Tim Wu on a new rule that violates Obama’s promise of net neutrality: http://nyr.kr/1jU2AQ2

“It threatens to make the Internet just like everything else in American society: unequal in a way that deeply threatens our long-term prosperity.”

Above: Obama at Coe College, in 2007. Photograph by David Lienemann/AP.

Good job FCC. You fucked up again.

Meanwhile the CRTC here in Canada will do the same shit.

Cosplay Help Masterlist


So basically I had a bunch of tutorials liked/bookmarked and I wanted to consolidate them into one nice place. I hope this is helpful! I will probably make a part two later.

Beginner Help

Cosplay Crash Course - x

A Guide to Conventions - x

Conventions and Your Stomach - x

How to Budget for Cosplay  - x 

How to Start Cosplaying - x

Everything About Sewing

Sewing Tips and Tricks - x

How to Use Fabric Paint - x

Sewing Language - x

Gathering Fabric - x

All About Interfacing - x

Finishing Seams - x

Kimono Sleeves - x

Button Holes - x 

Sailor Collar Tutorial - x

Introduction to Sewing - x


Buying Wigs - x

How to Cut Wigs - x

Elsa Wig Tutorial - x

How to Dye a Wig - x

Restoring Your Wig/Washing it - x

Where to Buy Wigs - x x x 


All About Circle Lenses - x

How to Open the Stupid Containers - x

Where to Buy Contacts - x x

All the Skirt Tutorials You Could Ever Need

Circle Skirt - x x

Half Circle Skirt - x

Gathered Skirt - x

Tulle Skirt - x

Maxi Skirt - x

Pencil Skirt - x

Ruffley Petticoat/Skirt - x

Pleated Skirt - x


Basic Cosplay Makeup - x x

Coloring Your Eyebrows - x

Make Your Own Lipstick - x

MTF Cosplay

MTF Makeup - x

FTM Cosplay

Make Your Own Binder - x

Affordable Binders - x

FTM Makeup - x

Misc Tutorials

How to Make Invisible Shoes - x

Anna Masterpost - x

How to Make a Sword - x

Two Colored Bow - x

Satyr/Goat Feet - x

Pointy Teeth - x

Super Cleavage - x

Master Sword - x

Fitting Thigh Highs - x

How to Make Things Shiny - x

Armor Pattern Tutorial - x

Asuna Boots Tutorial - x

Lightweight Wings- x 

Asuna Stocking Tutorial - x

Zelda TP Armor - x

Misc Useful Things

Colored Tights - x

InstaMorph - x

How To Bead Dresses - x

Elf Ears - x

Helpful Cosplay Blogs




cosplaying on a budget

vicious cosplay 


Personal reminder.

Aaaaand for some reason my last video went private when I’ve trimmed the beginning of it. Here’s a repost.

Anonymous asked
id like to watch the photoshoot video, but it says it is private?

I’ve trimmed the video’s beginning by a bit, and for some reason Youtube made it private. It’s public again now, sorry about the issue.

This is the Otakon 2013 Homestuck photoshoot on Sunday. I procrastinated on posting this one in a while. I’ll likely be at Otakon again this year, I’ll probably record like last year if I don’t run into any issues.


A question that I get asked all the time is, “But Mango, what if I’m too ________ to cosplay?” Fill in the blank however you want. “What if I’m too fat? What if I’m too black? Too old? Too tall? Too plain?”

At long last, here’s your answer… Find out in this video if you’re lucky enough to be allowed to cosplay!

Reblogging for I don’t knoooow. (Fu immah cosplay girl characters all day)

And I started looking at my footage

From prior cons.

And tears started rolling on my face from my eyes, and now I’m just bawling like a baby. I’m so sad yet so happy at the same time.

The last few months have been absolutely horrible for me, I’ve managed to  hit rock bottom during that time, I’ve even tried attempting on my life back in December, I really wanted to make it to Katsucon but I was stuck because of the snowstorms, and I’ve hurt so many people around me by being so cynical and depressed, there are so many things I regret saying/doing, and I’ve started realizing in the last week how shitty I’ve been, I’ve been crying myself to sleep every night and tormenting myself, I’m so sorry, but there are things you can’t backpedal on and you just have to live with.

That’s why I haven’t uploaded any of the stuff I have. I’m getting on it sooninsh, I promise. And I’m hoping to make it for Otakon.

I miss yall so much, I never realized up to now how much conventions mean to me :’(

I was looking on my camcorder, and I noticed I had a few photos left in the memory. Look what I found, isn’t she just adorable? She was giving out candy in her little basket to other cosplayers at Nekocon, so sweet!

Anyone knows who this is so I can tag her properly?